As an interior decorator who specializes in window treatments, color, custom upholstery and home accents, I like to use color to bring rooms to life. With the right project, I like to boldly go where clients may not have considered going before. 

We have most-likely all tried the standard, neutral tones in decorating. There is certainly a place for that in many designs. On the other hand, there’s something alluring about a room that’s bursting with color. From a striking blue living room to a vivid red bathroom, colorful spaces can inspire you to love bold colors, either in big spaces or for key room accents, once and for all. Bold Colors can transform your rooms into being more stylish, vibrant, and gorgeous. 

Ready to take a leap into bold color? Check out these 5 ideas for decorating with bold colors. 

1. Start Small With Bold Colors

If you aren’t sure about making the plunge into bold colors for large areas of your home, or you don’t know which color to choose, that’s ok. Try adding just a pop of any bold color you like. Then begin with adding it to something simple like an accent chair, colored ottomans, throw pillows, window valances or accessories. This allows you to experiment with and try out bold color uses and hues without having to one hundred percent commit to a larger area like a full wall or an entire room.

2. Don’t Forget The Floor Can Be Bold

A bold-colored rug can inspire an entire room. The bold-colored rug will act as the base for the room’s decor theme and, then you can decorate around it. Additionally, bold-colored floor tiles can add dimension, color accent and focus to the entry, bathroom or other area of the home.

3. A Pop of Bold Color Can Go a Long Way

Neutral areas are another place to add a cheerful pop of color. For example, adding bright bar stools or a painted island to a neutral kitchen can create a happy vibe, and encourage guests to come and chat while you prepare the food. Additionally, adding a bold shower curtain and accents to a neutral bathroom can make it feel more upscale and appealing.

4. Repaint In Bold

To instantly create a statement and refresh any area of the home try repainting something you already own in a bold color pop. This is a fun way to try different colors with low risk as you can repaint items until you get the color right. 

5. It’s All About the Bold Color

Consider trying unusual colors like lime, baby blue, chartreuse, cornflower, seaglass, eggplant, denim or pumpkin. Experiment with complementary color combinations like orange and blue, green and blue, yellow and lavender, black and gold, or pink and aqua. Interesting color combinations can be achieved with geometrics, florals and stripes in fabrics, paints and wallpapers. 

I love using some kind of bold color in my decorating projects – if not in a big room, then for small room accents or window treatments. Often people play it safe when using color and end up missing out on the fun and beauty that bold and beautiful colors can bring to their space. I can assure you it’s ok to experiment – start small with colors you love and let your love of bold grow from there. I challenge you to boldly go where you have never been before with color. 

If you are still doubtful as to how to get started or what color to choose, that’s’ ok too. You can hire a decorator, like us at Curtain Design Studio, to guide you through color selection and design.

To happy color exploration ahead!